I lost my job, and started baking more

At the end of last year, I hit a snag…..I lost my job!

I’ve been so grateful for the last few months. I had multiple people reach out about job opportunities and groceries. I made the best with what I had been given…a bunch of baking ingredients. Pinterest and Tiktok were my best friends.

Did you know you could make a cake with just boxed cake mix and a can of Sprite Zero? It’s super duper good!! And I’m super weird, but I put the frosting on while the cake is warm. It melts all around it.

Things I’ve done since losing my job:
-applied for a ton of jobs
-baked some yummy bread
-allowed myself to break down a handful of times
-donated plasma
-set routines in place for myself and my kiddos
-asked for a lot of help
-humbled myself toward my sons and daughters
-baked a little more bread 🥖

I have a little more wait time for job opportunities, but with my support and my children, I can do anything.