About Me

Hello. I’m Kristin.

I’m a full-time work-at-home mom and freelance writer. What started out as Coupon Friendly back in April 2011 became Where There’s a Willis in 2017. It was shut down shortly after, but I continued my content writing for a computer repair company. I recently felt strongly that it was time to bring back Coupon Friendly.

When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids, I love writing about my fascination with new recipes, DIY, cleaning, and living a coupon-friendly life!

Content writing has been my passion over the last 10+ years. I am involved in writing, editing, optimizing, and publishing engaging content for blogs and social media networks. I am skilled in researching tech-related topics, and editing and proofreading written pieces before publicly posting them. My goal, as a blogger, is to share useful and valid information with my readers, as well as promote my business to the fullest.