Walmart’s New Incentive Program

Walmart now includes a new incentive program. It looks as though it’s still in beta, and no sources know how users are being picked to try it out. Check to see if you’re in the Walmart Rewards test group by going to the Walmart website and reading through the list of products.

On both the listing page and the page for a single item, you can get a reward. With one click, the award is saved to your account. Your account will be credited with savings, so you won’t see the discount until you finish your order. Be sure to check your Walmart app as well, if you aren’t seeing it on a desktop browser.

Haven’t joined Walmart+ yet? Sign up here and receive $20 off a future order! You’ll also receive 6 months of Spotify Premium!

These rewards do have an expiration date, like physical coupons, so be sure to add them to your account. To redeem the rewards in-store, you can scan the QR code at checkout.

Are you part of the beta team for this new Reward system?


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